Pediatric Wellness - KidMed


We offer comprehensive periodic developmental screens from birth to adulthood that tracks all milestones and identify percentiles to help catch problems early-on.

Our Comprehensive Wellness Program Incorporates

  • Height, weight and head circumference tracking to monitor deviations in growth development.
  • Developmental testing to monitor your child's milestones and identify the possible need for assistance.
  • Discuss your child's diet and nutrition and make necessary changes in formula for infants.
  • Vaccine administration to prevent many communicable diseases.
  • Finger stick laboratory testing for Complete Blood Count, lead, glucose and hemoglobin.
  • Urinalysis screening for infection, diabetes and other illness.
  • Vision and hearing screening.
  • Physical exam to evaluate any medical conditions such as hip deformities in infants, scoliosis in teens, and other illness that require further attention from a provider.
  • Educational information and on illness, vaccines, and nutrition given as necessary at visit.